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  • Productivity is our passion

    WebIS focuses on mobility software and strives to provide the highest quality software for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Our flagship product is Pocket Informant and our fun software is Note2Self.

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    Organizing my day to day...

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    This new online sync has saved me a ton of hassles!!! With work firewalls I had to connect to a special wireless network that was not completely firewalled back to my home pc that could get into my corp exchange server as all ports are blocked except a very few. It was a pain but luckily I had the know how to get around it, BUT NOT NEEDED ANYMORE. This is the best ever and I will patiently await the fix up of beta PI online and if it did not ever work $15 a year is well worth it!!

    Please pass on my inexpressible satisfaction!!


    I have used Pocket Informant for 10 years as my personal assistant.  The people at Webis have developed an extraordinary product for IOS whose power, features and usability are without comparison.  Version 2.5 has been very stable so far, but now to the review.  There is no application that that can better organize and assist the demands of many professionals. The integration of calendar, tasks, indented and collapsible subtasks, Contacts and Notes is feature packed and delivers  a high level of organization which leads to a high level of execution. This saves me several hours per week. The “swipe” feature and “quick” edit is an amazing way to use systems like GTD or MYB. The ability to email tasks and link to contacts accelerates scheduling. Its integration with Toodledo has been flawless.  There are very few productivity applications that real increase person’s productivity, but Pocket Informant does without question.  It is a small price to pay to have a “personal assistant” that keeps me on task, on appointments, and complete integration with contacts.  The addition of Smart Groups allows me to customize my views to my demands.  I would give the app a 10 if it was available.

    -James Carl

    I really enjoy using Pocket Informant on my iPhone and syncing it with my Google calendar. The only thing that would make it better is the ability to create my own icons for various events. You have a lovely set of calendar icons but I really enjoyed being able to create my own icons on my old Palm device.

    -Mitch Pingel

    Pocket Informant is great because they listen so well to customer feedback. I have been using PI since the Jornada/iPaq days.  I keep using it, despite all the great products that have come out in that time because PI remains the best. It’s implementation of Getting Things Done is the best, hands down.  It’s visual layout is intuitive, and pleasant, and it’s feature set allows me to organize the way I find helpful.

    -John Cunningham | Odenton, MD

    Pocket Informant is great because…Doing reviews for I came across a lot of applications in this category-Calendars. I do lots of research before posting my reviews, what others are saying, videos, and the developer’s own website. I have tried many, and I do mean many, other apps like PI, but I always come back to Pocket Informant for my own personal use.

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  • -Patricia Florenco,

    I’ve been using PI since June 2011. There have been some glitches, but customer service has been OUTSTANDING! Not a single time have I left stranded. The president of the company himself has gotten involved in some cases and bent over backwards to make sure I was taken care of.

    WebIS continues to work overtime to make PI the top app of its type.

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    -Ray Gurunian
    Pocket Informant is setting the standard… … for now over ten years on all major platforms. This update outdistances the panting competitors once more.

    -Hartmuth Stamm, Lutheran Pastor

    Pocket Informant is a life-saver. I use it daily to keep track of my work, business and personal appointments and commitments. I can assess at a glance what is scheduled on any particular day since I color code all my appointments. I also easily import my calendar from work where I use Outlook and can export what is loaded on my calendar to the ‘cloud’.

    -Andy Besser

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